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Math Lab

Math Enrichment Program


To register:

  • You can also download and fill out the Registration Form in PDF format (you need Acrobat Reader to open the form)

We place children in classes according to their skill level. Therefore, we ask each child to take a placement test. Placement tests will be administered over a period of time before classes begin, to accommodate everyone's schedule. These tests are given for placement purposes only and will not be graded. Math Lab staff will use them to place children in classes that will be most beneficial to each child.

    Do you love Math and plan to participate in Math competitions or Olympiads?  Do you like solving math puzzles, Sudoku, or even challenging yourself with complicated word problems? Then I have a great program for you!

         If you don’t feel 100% comfortable in your Math class, or even if you are struggling with math concepts and want to do better, then this program is for you too!

The Thornton-Donovan school is offering an enrichment program, which will run for 15 weeks per semester, one class per week.  Each class is 1.5 hours with 5 min break. This program is not graded.  It’s just for really great practice and fun!!

         Each class students will be provided with materials that include handouts of:

  1. One page of basic skills practice;
  2. Challenge word problems (level 1);
  3. Challenge word problems (level 2);
  4. Sample of the Kangaroo questions;
  5. Sample of Olympiad questions:
  6. Brain teasers questions.

       If you are interested to enroll in this program, please fill up the registration form above.